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Who are we?
The company was originally created in 1995 when a group of licensed cockle gatherers recognised the advantages of working as one. Consequently, Penclawdd Shellfish Processing was formed. The families involved, had between them an unrivalled depth of knowledge concerning shellfish in the locality where, like them their grandparents had coaxed a living.
The brave challenge of unity required the participants to invest in a totally new turnkey facility and by doing so gave them a state of the art facility on the fringe of Penclawdd village which as a community had itself been famous for its cockle industry for centuries.
Such was its early success, the company was awarded the Welsh Exporter of the Year Award in 1998. Besides having a state of the art cockle cooking facility which itself is capable of cooking many tons of these tasty little molluscs daily, the plant also has the facility to produce large quantities of that peculiarly Welsh delicacy laverbread, which is produced from locally gathered seaweed.
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Welsh Exporter of the Year 1998
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